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Video Cards x  ? +
Processor (CPU)  ?
CPU Cooling  ?
Motherboard  ?
DDR3 Memory (RAM) x  ? +
Computer Case  ?
Power Supply  ?
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Limited System Warranty offered applies to the base Computer System only. Additional options are covered by their own separate warranties.

Operating System  ?
Accesories & Cables  ?

Network Card  ?

Hard Drives x  ? +
DVD Writer  ?
Solid State Drives - SSD x  ? +
Blu-Ray Reader  ?

Sound Card  ?

Select one of the following assembly options:
PC Assembly and Testing with 1 Year Limited NCIX System Warranty (PRE-CONFIG WIN.OS If Purchased)
(+ $49.98)
This includes warranty coverage of the complete computer system (excluding monitor options, system options and software options, which are covered under individual warranties) as assembled and tested at PC Assembly & Testing does not include servers and requires an additional 4-5* business days to ship once all parts are in stock. NCIX will install aftermarket heatsinks or pre-filled CPU liquid coolers. Current lead time 7-10 Business days.
No assembly. (+ $0)
The selected PC Builder system will NOT be assembled and will be shipped as individual components for your assembly. Warranty and service coverage will be applied to individual components only and not the complete computer system.

PC Builder lets you configure, build and buy a computer system EXACTLY the way you want. Simply select your components, and in a few clicks, you can purchase your PC to your exact specifications.

You have the choice of having professionally assemble and test your new PC, or getting all the components to build it yourself.

Every PC Builder system comes with all your original packaging, documentation and goes through's rigorous system testing program.

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